Question, are you seeking both freedom and opportunity, something that you can depend upon to provide a solid foundation for your future? Mary and I found a franchise-like-proven-system with coaching. Why are we inspired, because we can see real opportunities for us to pursue success are indeed a reality!   

Please view this introduction to MOBE by my friend a highly respected mentor to many “A True Entrepreneur John Chow.”

Question, are you seeking both freedom and opportunity, something that you can depend upon to provide a solid foundation for your future? The MOBE system trains affiliate and consultants while supplying every member with a blueprint for owning your own work-from-wherever business.

“Finding a Diamond in the Rough!”

I became disabled, after years of trying to combat the inevitable, I had no other choice than to retire. 

My employer had not provided a 401 K plan which further left us vulnerable as we neared retirement. 


Over the years, we had tried to build a nest egg through real estate by buying rental investments with the little money we had saved. Yet, here again, we encountered a stretch of bad luck in 2008 and 2009 with the national real estate market collapsing.

Enough, of the negative! This is what we did here-and-after. I have continued over the years with my writing, which really started-up as a peace of mind hobby since then has developed into a real passion.

With my background being in the hospitality industry my first, two books have been in that field. Although my books are published and selling on the internet, I wanted to find additional applications for these manuscripts. I was specifically looking to incorporate many of my “systems” contained in these books into software tools for management application and use.

While searching on the internet, we found something that we felt could provide us with an extra income stream. After reflection, this venture sounded more and more realistic with a real upside, naturally depending on how we work at it!

However, we made the decision to join MOBE, which has a  “Proven System” in place. We take the responsibility of succeeding with MOBE upon our own shoulders. The keys that provide great upside in accomplishing our goals is that this product provides a very real business acumen accompanied with professional business coaching by a company that specifically promotes business education as it’s forte.

Yes, we now have a real chance of making this a success, by working easily from home or anywhere and realizing the opportunity to grow our company, while enjoying freedom for a great lifestyle, and planned elective travel.

How can anyone envision advancement and ultimately (RETIREMENT) without a plan? It is a fact that there is no substitute for hard work. Great opportunities in business are those that truly have a franchise like-system, Moreover, one which provides first-class coaching and mentoring to go along with exceptional business product-lines. 

My Perspective …..

For Whatever the reasons, career or employment or other; changes are to many a life altering decision. Why? Simply because they ARE MADE or NOT MADE mainly because of FEAR. Yes, IT IS TRUE, seeking opportunities, are indeed unsettling, however, most often changes are the right thing to initiate! Most, look at this in the negative as to “what happens if I fail!” The answer to this is you will get stronger! You will learn! You will get courages! You will develop insights! AND much more!

Yet, the most important consideration in my mind is “what happens if you don’t even try?”

You see, it is clear that you will never know for sure… that is if you don’t try….. especially when you can give this system a real try while holding on to the present as long as you want, with no risk to you, that is a major upside to consider.

It should be obvious to you…… that your decision can be made at virtually little to no EXPENSE or RISK to you while you weigh the pros and cons.

AGAIN, this is what the 21-Step Program offers to you…. yes, it provides you the insight of making a decision whether this is a good path forward for you at no risk, it would not negatively impact or upset your current lifestyle.

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Briefly about… Peter Clarke, he is from Southern California although when you hear him speak there is a distinct indicator of his native German language. He is a versatile veteran businessman, entrepreneur, business and hospitality consultant, coach, and author. After spending forty-five years in the hospitality field he found MOBE while searching the internet for digital automation. Since then he has started his quest for success. Although, the affiliate marketing system is not new to him he undoubtedly is being enriched in learning the MOBE system. While attending the coveted Diamond event in Costa Rica, he gained a substantive insight into the MOBE Educational system. The approach that he has taken through this new-found knowledge is setting the direction and course beginning with a concerted and targeted approach to his business.

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