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Newsletter Edition 1, May-June 2018


THIS NEWSLETTER IS AN INTRODUCTION INTO MY ONLINE BUSINESS EDUCATION. Mary and I found a franchise-like-proven-system with coaching. At MOBE, our goal is to become the #1 Small Business Training Company in The World!

In May and Juneour focus is to bring to you a condensed look as to our routine emailing and blogging activities. We invite you to look at the great products we proudly represent.

In starting a business, it is an essentiality to put your absolute BEST on display. This guidance that I am giving you is certainly nothing NEW, yet so many times we put untested PRODUCTS OR OFFERINGS into play. Beginning a business one must have confidence that you are performing at the BEST and HIGHEST level possible.

My Online Business Education and the 21-Step Program. This great business introduction is designed specifically to guide you in beginning your own franchise-like business.  It can enable you to enjoy a business lifestyle to work from wherever.

The Laptop Lifestyle System“21-Step Program a Franchise–Like SYSTEM with Coaching.”

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MOBE Premier Education and Traffic Solutions

We at MOBE identify ourselves as having: “A PROVEN SYSTEM WITH COACHING, A FRANCHISE-LIKE SYSTEM .” Just stop and think of this powerful message, you are SELECTING:

  • PROVEN – Established, Demonstrated, Recognized, and Verified

  • SYSTEM – Organization, Structure

  • COACHING – Training, Education, Schooling, Teaching, Tutoring

NOW CONSIDER…You’ve started or plan to start, or are on the fence, BUT, you are interested in exploring your options for starting an online business.

  • That we at MOBE are a Franchise-Like System.

  • It is without a doubt that if you had to pay for a franchise you would be spending 100’s of thousands of dollars for the right to do exactly as they say with little choice.

  • Yes, very affordable fees are charged for products you purchase within MOBE.

  • As with all companies or organizations, there are rules and methods however we are independent consultants operating OUR OWN BUSINESS specializing in Educational Products.

  • Yes, your own company.

Now, let’s face it… YOU PAY LESS THAN $50.00 TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS, That’s an unbelievable VALUE!

Alright, You got your link… You’re ready to rock and roll…


So, do not hold back…

Here is where the power of MOBE is on full display as we offer for your consideration… The Path to Personal and Financial Freedom


For a wide variety of selected products and an extensive array of “Done For You” services. All listed products are evaluated by our product management team and rated by product users, ensuring that only the best products are listed and remain in the MOBE Marketplace. My final notes today for you to consider are regarding choices.

Right now, you’re at a crossroads.

You have two possible paths you can take.

“If you take the path on the left (and ignore this), then chances are you will fail like the majority of small business owners.”

Or … you can start down the most exhilarating and rewarding path of your life, a path that can possibly provide your personal and financial freedom.

The right path will take you on a journey up each rung of the business ladder in the MOBE Core Curriculum!

This is the My Online Business PRIMARY entry eight Module online training program. This appropriately titled MASTERCLASS TRAINING PROGRAM will show you how to choose the right business model based on your strengths and weaknesses and how to select the right NICHE. Yes, identifying what can work best for you is the begin and end all to becoming SUCCESSFUL.

Additionally, this offer provides you with a lifetime access to updated content.

We would be remiss if we did not also make mention and provide a link to:


Mindset and Success  Pinpointing Your Target Market

You are not selling to everybody. Not everybody wants what you have, and you don’t need to try to convince people to buy when they’re not interested. Instead, you are looking for a target market that already wants what you have.

Idea and Strategy  Are You Making the Most of What You’ve Got?

You can access more beginner business strategies like this one, and learn how to model the “thinking patterns” of the world’s most successful business owners and entrepreneurs, in the MOBE Silver Masterclass.

Startup Basics Life is Not a Sole Proprietorship

Have you been living your life as a sole proprietorship? Have you been so focused on your own goals that you forget that other people have goals too? Do you expect help from others, but never think about how you can help them?

Marketing 101  How to Position Yourself For Success

When you’re already successful, you’re better positioned to have more success. You have the mindset to succeed because you’ve already proven you can do it. Plus, your prospects can see that you have a proven track record. But before you’re already successful, you’re not as well positioned for success. Your mind is full of doubt, and prospects are more reluctant to buy from you because you have no track record.

Financing  Are You Committed or Just Interested?

If you’re just interested in making millions, you’ll probably fail. If you’re committed to making millions, it’s very different. But many people say they’re committed when they’re really just interested.


Branding  Yes, You Need an Online Presence

Whenever people hear about you and want to find out more about your business, they will search Google or even Facebook. They expect you to have a website or a Facebook page where they can learn more about what you offer.

Social Media  How to Build Rapport With Your Facebook Followers

The first step to building rapport with your Facebook followers is to find things in common. This is what we do to build rapport with people we meet, so why should Facebook be any different?

Online Traffic Old Media vs New Media

Old media is a few channels broadcasting to millions. New media is millions of channels broadcasting to a few.

Offline Traffic  What a Marketing System Looks Like

The way to achieve this is to build a marketing system that works like a money machine and is automated as much as possible.

Copywriting How to Write a Good Ad Headline

Without a doubt, the headline is the most important piece of copy you will write. If you get it wrong, your audience will leak away. If you get it right, they’ll want to read on.

Sales Why You Should Start Doing Webinars Now

Webinars are some of the most effective devices for closing sales. Why? They allow you to capture your audience’s attention better than any medium and enable you to make exclusive offers.

Productivity Why Outsource to the Philippines

The Philippines, of all countries, is extremely inexpensive, but the quality of the work from Filipinos is second to none.

Leadership and Management How  to Build a Customer Acquisition Process

This system like MOBE’s Gold Masterclass goes into more depth on this topic. It will show you how to find customers, sell to them and build a consistently profitable business using a Customer Acquisition Process

Fulfillment and Automation  The Irresistible Offer Template

Start the offer with “How You Can” and follow with a benefit. The bigger the benefit, the more irresistible the offer. Do whatever you can to offer the biggest benefit of your market.

Investing 101 Using Other People’s Money to Finance Your Business

If you think everyone out there is broke and no one is investing, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Many people are investors with plenty of money at their disposal.


 Wealth Mindset  When Are You Ready To Quit Your Day Job?

We’re not talking about working for yourself and running your own business, because that’s still active income. You still need to work to get paid. We’re talking about making enough income from purely passive investments to fund your lifestyle.

Stocks  The 3 Steps to Intelligent Investing?

The intelligent investor doesn’t buy a stock because they think they spot a pattern in the chart. They buy a stock because they’ve reviewed the financials of the company and expect it to do well.

Precious Metals  How To Choose What Type of Gold To Invest In

Gold is known as a safe haven investment. This means it retains its value even in times of market uncertainty. A lot of investors buy gold as a way of reducing the risk in our investment portfolios.

Real Estate Finding Private Lenders For Your Real Estate Deals

Real estate is a lucrative business, but it can also be an expensive business. Sometimes, you will want to find private lenders to help finance your real estate deals. Offer them an investment opportunity, borrow their money and pay them back with interest.

Asset Protection The Highway to Creating Wealth


You can access more beginner business strategies like this one, and learn how to model the “thinking patterns” of the world’s most successful business owners and entrepreneurs, in the MOBE Silver Masterclass. To learn more about the Silver Masterclass, click HERE.


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