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As an Affiliate Business Education Consultant Venue which promotes a FRANCHISE-LIKE-PROVEN-SYSTEM with COACHING as a KEY component. MOBE has a large marketplace dedicated exclusively to “business products.”  The MOBE system trains affiliate and consultants while supplying every member with a blueprint in owning your own work-from-wherever business.

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If you are going into business this is a MUST READ. This is my third book on Business, and The e-pub targets the essential practices necessary to run a business SUCCESSFULLY. 

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Alright, now I want to make this extra special for you. Exclusively for you as a MOBE family member, I will continue to make myself available for your questions, coaching, and consulting needs.”

This offer is and will be available before and as you complete your 21 Steps.

You will already be guided by a 21-step MOBE Program Coach, and other coaches as you advance. I should not and will not interfere with your coach’s direction. However, I will be available to you for guidance. 

My credentials encompass over 45 years of hospitality, real estate, property management, and consulting.  I am an experienced business executive and author. You are most welcome to check my credentials on

“I give you my word, that I will  assist you in your progress.” However, I am reminded to inform you that the initiatives that you freely undertake will be that of your own doing as this is your business venture. You are your own boss, however, I will be as close as a phone call or email, yes or skype to assist you. As you become more knowledgeable you will also ask for specific traffic coaching to gain these special instructions

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